Published - 2019-05-01 By - AguyamI

Patch notes v13 (1/05/2019)

- Changed the dropchance from pirates.
- Fixed TT (Twilight Witch in 3-3 made the dungeon crash)
- Sinserity quest gives now 5 chests.
- Sinserity chest gives better rewards.
- Santa Chat is removed.
- Removed aps & chan on avalon bless box.

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Published - 2019-04-17 By - AguyamI

Patch notes v12 (17/04/2019)

- Added crafting option for R9 mats onto TW Forge, BH Forge, PW Boutique 
  Agent and Contemplation Forge.
- Decreased crafting speed from forges.
- Changed Feral Soul Star crafting to TW Essence section.
- Added more items in the Contemplation Forge.
- Changed Avalon Bless Box to 7days. (Everyone having a non timed bless box 
  can still use it, but needs to be removed at 22/04 )
- Worldbosses drops has been changed.
- Worldbosses Resistance increased.
- Warsong city bosses drops increased.
- Invasion mob exp increased and drops changed
- Added channeling & accuaracy on the attendance Rings
- New currency created - Avalon Coin -
- This coin can be used on the Avalon Forge (562, 651)
- Pirates in nightscream drops Avalon Coins.
- Pirates level changed.
- Pirates HP & Resistances increased.
- Reduced price cost to make Summerwind Token
- Added a craft option to make DEF & ATT Lvl +3 @ the jewelcraftsman.
- TW mob/boss level changed.
- Higher cost to craft Avalon bless box
- Dragon orbs in the Phoenix craft cost increased.
- Changed Nirvana opening to 2.
- Added more options to gain Nirvana key (BH forge, Contemplation forge & PW 
  Boutique Agent)

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Published - 2019-04-11 By - jopo

Patch notes v10 (5/04/2019)

- Custom items have now a description.
- Avalon General has been added onto the map at Archosaur West City (526, 652)
- Added Custom repeatable quests @ the Avalon General with a good rewards.
- Phoenix NPC Added onto the map at Archosaur West City (527, 654)
- Phoenix Valley mobs drops now a custom mats (Feather fragment) wich can be used at the Phoenix NPC
- Added Avalon Bless box (Craftable at the TW Forge, BH Forge, Phoenix & PW Boutique Agent under Best)

Published - 2019-03-28 By - StealthAlgorithm

Patch notes v8 (28/03/2019)

- Fixed a boss in TT that made TT crash.

Sorry for this, TT had over 300 mobs (6000 IDs) to check, i've checked 80% of them and still missed that one id that made it crash.

Published - 2019-03-21 By - StealthAlgorithm

Patch notes v5

-Resurection scroll cooldown removed
- Fallen Warmonk drops edited (matching with the bosses inside FB 51)
- Quest End of Suffering rewards increased (To kill Fallen Warmonk)
- Teleport option to teleport to heaven's tear and arrowhead manor. (Teleporter in
  silverpool and arrowhead giving the quest)

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Published - 2019-03-15 By - StealthAlgorithm

Patch notes v3

-Ingame Class: 

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Published - 2019-03-08 By - AguyamI

Patch notes version 2


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