Avalon Server Paused

The server is pause because of lack of players, leave a message on discord if you want to play.

Edited by StealthAlgorithm Date 14.07.2019

How to Register

To play Perfect world you need an Avalon Account, to get an avalon account you need to register under sign up. there you will create an Titanstorms account that control/admins your Avalon account. You also have to set an unique password for your avalon account not same as the Titanstorms account The username for Titanstorms account and Avalon account are the same.

Edited by StealthAlgorithm Date 09.04.2019

Voting and then getting gold

To vote you need to login with your Titanstorms Account and click the tab Avalon there you should see several vote buttons. after voting wait 5 min then you should see gold in the shop if not contact admin.

Edited by StealthAlgorithm Date 09.04.2019